Friday, September 28, 2012

Almost ten weeks old

I feel like we are in full routine! Though from the looks of my house you would t think so. York is do mobile I can't leave him anywhere. But he does sleep 6 hours straight at night sometimes now :). He smiles and just sorta laughs. I can't wait to hear a full giggle. Me and Casey are just in love with him! We never thought we'd live our little surprise as much as we do. I'm obsessed with him! Casey is starting school in January and I've made an insane choice not to go back to school! I couldn't leave my baby for any amount of time! Me and Casey went on a date for the first time and left York with my mom. I started crying when we got in the car but it was wonderful to be with my husband. Well after alot of deliberation and because its taking forever for Casey to get his associates we are moving in with his parents. We will miss our own space but our so grateful that its even an option. This wAy we will save alot of money. And wishing 6months to a year we should be back in our own place since we will be moving away so Casey can get his bachelor degree. Life is busy I never thought staying home with my baby would be so much fun and so much work.
-the sleep deprived lady with a baby York for a best friend :)

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