Friday, September 28, 2012

Almost ten weeks old

I feel like we are in full routine! Though from the looks of my house you would t think so. York is do mobile I can't leave him anywhere. But he does sleep 6 hours straight at night sometimes now :). He smiles and just sorta laughs. I can't wait to hear a full giggle. Me and Casey are just in love with him! We never thought we'd live our little surprise as much as we do. I'm obsessed with him! Casey is starting school in January and I've made an insane choice not to go back to school! I couldn't leave my baby for any amount of time! Me and Casey went on a date for the first time and left York with my mom. I started crying when we got in the car but it was wonderful to be with my husband. Well after alot of deliberation and because its taking forever for Casey to get his associates we are moving in with his parents. We will miss our own space but our so grateful that its even an option. This wAy we will save alot of money. And wishing 6months to a year we should be back in our own place since we will be moving away so Casey can get his bachelor degree. Life is busy I never thought staying home with my baby would be so much fun and so much work.
-the sleep deprived lady with a baby York for a best friend :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little man

I have known since day one we have what you would call an "overdeveloped child." of there is such a thing. It's like we cooked him too long. Not to mention he was 9lbs. The day we brought him home he was holding his head up. Week two kicking off with his feet and smiling! He is fast. Now at week 5 my little guy coos. Rolls over. Take his Binky in and out by himself. And today he was on his tummy and army crawled away! What 5 week old thinks he can crawl. This is all fine and dandy fast learner and all. Except for he is extremely mobile so I can't leave his side. So much for peeing by myself!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

.Camping trip with Baby.

We are insane people and we took our 1 month old baby on a camping trip.

HE was Warm.
I was not. 
I ended up sleeping in the car : ( 

but I got some really cute pictures : )

.Month one complete.

After fear and months of waiting I went into labor July 16th the actual due date of my baby boy. 

I did not think it was real sitting in the hospital waiting for the epidural (which was a life saving part of labor). It got real really fast. The actual birth went really smoothly I went in the 15th and 10:30pm and York Arlo Walker came out the next afternoon at 2:22pm. Weighing in a wopping 9 pounds! and being 20 inches long! I could not believe that I only got two stitches. and much to everyones surprise and maybe because a little bit of medication I was telling everyone how easy it was and that I was ready for number 2. 

p.s. I am no where near being ready for #2. 

 Casey was so proud of be a daddy. I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with how cute he was following him around the room as he was getting cleaned off. Casey had a giant smile the whole time. it definatley distracted me from me getting stitches eeek.

  Bring baby home was overwhelming. I have a lot of experience with babies being in a family of 9 I always felt like I would feel like i know how its done! this was not the case. I was at a loss for everything. I was having a hard time nursing and everything was more than I expected it to be. after I got diagnosed with post partum I felt extremley defeated! I am and was afraid of taking the medication they offered and it only seemed to occur when I was nursing this brought me to make an extremly hard desicion becuase I believe so strongly that I should nurse my baby. I decided to go to bottles. My relationship with my baby has grown from this I can now bond with my baby : ) and I love him more than ever. I sometimes feel the guilt feeding him a bottle but I know deep down that it is the right thing for us to do and that I am doing my very best

  I cannot keep up with Casey! He is so great with York. He is always helping and playing with him. HE loves him. I adore the bond they share and i'm really grateful Casey is such a hands on daddy. I always wanted a husband who would come home excited to hold his baby everyday and all my dreams came true.

I am in love with my little family : )!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Full term 37 weeks

I am done being pregnant but terrified of delivery. And the responsibility of a human being. But I can't help thinking what he will look like. How he he will be. I cannot wait to meet you York Arlo walker! I just know I'm going to be in love with you! Over a couple of weeks I've had 3 beautiful baby showers with all my friends and family. I'm so grateful that I have so many people in my life that love me and are here for me no matter what. Not to mention my husband! Who was incredibly understanding on our 1 year aniversary :) which was beautiful a day or two in yellow stone together was perfect. I love taking Casey places he has never been! The nursery! Oh it's coming along. The changing table is painted and in the room. All it's missing is knobs which I need to go pick out. Pictures to come! The crib is here minus the bedding but I think that may come after the baby. I'm so happy with the way it's turning out! I feel happy and grateful! Which is a lot for me I'm jot quite the happy pregnant girl! Now all that's left to do is wait around for baby to get here I'm guessing July 20th

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Listing it may help me release it? well its worth a shot.

1. temple prep
2. helping Casey prepare to get the priestood so he can bless York when he is born
3. finish the baby changing table ( sand, paint, find legs for it.)
4. hang shelves in baby room
5. still waiting for package from zulily
6. get a birthday gift for Justin, and for Carly
7. Fathers day?! not prepared at all.
8. pick out an outfit to bring York home in
9. last day of work is Friday. Nervous
10. find a cosigner for a private student loan for Casey for summer. ( very important)
11. help mom finish baby bedding.
12. assemble crib in nursery
13. finish window valance
14. touch up the stripes in the nursery
15. clean out car
16. get apartment carpets cleaned before baby comes
17. borrow a bassinet and buy some bedding to use in it.
ive got four weeks until York is Due... and all this has got to be done. Some of it much sooner. : ( im overwhelmed but it feels good to have it written out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

34 weeks down.

#1 goals for this second year of marriage is to take more pictures. Almost the entire first year of marriage now I have not documented anything except for the purchase of my dogs... yeah I look like a crazy dog person if you look through any of my cameras. which I have multiple of charged and sitting around... I have no excuses whatsoever.
#2 My little sister Jennifer turns 18 today. her only complaint was that she was going to be in hawaii which means she cant have a birthday party with her friends.... spoiled much?
#3 tired of being pregnant and but also super excited and nervous because I officially wont have a job come this Friday. I will have to train myself to become a house wife. could be fun : )
#4 I NEED to Find a book to read its been a long time.
#5 ME and Casey first year anniversary is coming up on the 11th... too bad im like 8 months pregnant or i would be more excited, still trying to figure something simple that i can do in my condition that will be memorable : ( ]
#6 make and begin my to do list before the baby comes.. ive only got six weeks and way more than six weeks worth of things to check off... York needs to wait until the day he is due to come cause i might be ready but the house is not!